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5G/LTE/Legacy RF Design

Caliper understands RF design and optimization.  Our engineers and data scientists are intimately familiar with RF and data payload protocols for 5G and LTE along with legacy air interfaces and can utilize state-of-the-art analytics to solve difficult coverage, capacity, coexist, and technology overlay challenges.  From blueprint to test bench, we know how to work alongside network carriers to achieve optimum end results.

RF optimization

Self-Optimizing Networks (SON) are becoming more and more commonplace as carriers strive to maximize network resources using self-sensing techniques or automatic network configuration designs.  This practice helps operators cope with the steady surge in network complexity by guiding traffic and dynamically distributing network load amongst small cell resources.  SON enhances performance by shaping RF signals through variable power and antenna orientations, augmented by advanced data collection and diagnostics to optimize RF settings and manage configurations through load balancing, interference mitigation and control, and capacity allocation.

LTE/UMTS Optimization

Caliper ensures RAN network elements are optimized to deliver peak Quality of Service (QoS) to the end-user and efficiently utilize wireless cell capacity and spectrum investments.  RAN data-monitoring tools coupled with device-based data collection probes capture performance data to optimize performance results by employing advanced data analytics and machine learning capabilities.

Pre-Launch Optimization

Drive testing and analysis are costly and far less accurate than Caliper’s device-based analytics when preconfiguring network elements prior to network launch or capacity expansion.    Our proprietary processing solutions, wireless network testing, and data benchmarking save time, resources, and effort and prevent costly network downtime or avoidable support calls.  Caliper generates custom summary reports with drill-down information, advanced root-cause diagnostics, and mitigation recommendations that provide specific insight into the origin of problems such as those caused by handover failures, poor coverage area, capacity constraints, overshooting cell, or environmental interference.

System Audits

Caliper provides multi-vendor, multi-technology monitoring and management processes to system audits and applies logical rules to parameter values in the live network diagnostic cell configuration problems in a particular region.  Our expertise allows carriers to use optimal parameter and feature settings for each cell and CPE where then settings are configured, monitored, and maintained automatically to liberate engineers from time-consuming manual audits.


  • Proactive RF parameter configuration and management.

  • Automated configuration abnormalities.

  • Faster performance monitoring correlation

  • Faster integration of new Cells into the network.

  • Reduced RF OpEx

  • Online documentation for tuning and optimization.

  • Quality maintenance standards towards Public Safety compliance.

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