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Caliper Parametric Capture and Analysis

Caliper gives unrivaled insight into key network metrics on a randomized basis to capture systemic and intermittent network events around the clock.  Drive test systems cannot capture transient traffic and load-induced network performance on a real-time basis. Our solutions deliver insights into network service quality and subscriber experience using test nodes that replicate network devices.  By collecting data from actual network devices, Caliper’s data analytics engine gives network operators unrivaled insight and actionable recommendations to improve network performance experienced by real subscribers over time and location.

Caliper’s harmonized modular software platform ensures versatility, enabling tailored data capture to precisely fit customer needs for all wireless technologies and for different protocol and application testing options.  The proprietary communications interface and application layer ensures simple and productive smartphone deployment for Android, IOS, Windows, and Blackberry for data collection and benchmarking RF, QoS, and user experience metrics using the device’s independent capacity more effectively. The instrumented mobile device extracts data from the CPE and wireless network then aggregates information from a large number of similar devices to enable quick and easy troubleshooting and analysis, using Caliper’s post-processing tools.



  • Faster time to diagnosis and resolution by capturing and analyzing transient events by geography and time period

  • Record, diagnose, and resolve subscriber problems quickly, reducing frustration and potential escalations or churn

  • Network field techs get actionable recommendations to resolve intermittent network failures

  • Product teams can identify interoperability and device problems and provide guidance to OEMs for improved device performance

  •  Reduce customer frustration and churn from the poor network and device performance



  • The analytic application detects network, device, and application problems that impact customer experience and satisfaction

  • Sophisticated cloud data analytics identify and diagnose problems from data derived from large numbers of customer devices

  • Quickly identify problem devices and compare device performance on a large number of attributes against peer and historical devices

  • Summary recommendations and detailed analytics in a single location

  • Rapid feedback to changes in network configuration and device deployment with comps to historical performance metrics

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